A mix of red, yellow, pink, and black tomatoes grown from Johnny's tomato seeds.


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Early bicolor to kick off the season.
The most widely-grown market tomato in the East and Midwest.
The best determinate for hoophouse growing; very high yield potential.
Unique strawberry-shaped fruits on high-yielding plants.
A productive plum tomato with late blight resistance.
High-yielding bush San Marzano for sauce or canning.
Best cherry for patio gardens.
Early, striped snacking tomato.
Late blight resistant salad tomato with excellent flavor, high yields.
Eye-catching beauty with dark-indigo shoulders for quart sales.
Unlike any cherry tomato on the market.
Our most prolific plum with very good flavor, bred for organic systems.
Leaf mold-resistant truss cherry for whole cluster harvest.
The earliest shipping-type red cherry with globe-shaped, meaty fruits.
A productive plum tomato with late blight resistance.
High-performance purple beefsteak.
Early Brandywine type yields flattened smooth fruits, many over 1 lb.