A mix of red, yellow, pink, and black tomatoes grown from Johnny's tomato seeds.


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Orange grape with excellent, sweet flavor, borne on long trusses.
Tasty yellow grape resists leaf mold, a plus for indoor culture.
Large beefsteak-type with broad disease resistance for the South.
Delicious slicer for small spaces.
Low-maintenance orange paste tomato.
Hybrid version of French heirloom Marmande; among the best in flavor.
Late blight resistant with excellent flavor and pink heirloom quality.
Bicolor for sustained harvest.
Good flavor and mildew tolerance.
Hybrid with black heirloom quality; dead ringer for Cherokee Purple.
High yields of attractive golden-orange fruits, flattened-globe shape.
Heirloom-like oxheart for the greenhouse.
Highly productive grape tomato with leaf mold resistance.
Flavorful green cherry for mixed pints.
Strong, balanced, high-yielding plant.
Delicious, productive; fantastic-tasting fruits on nice, long trusses.
Smooth late-season tomato with plenty of old-fashioned tomato flavor.
Heirloom-type pink greenhouse tomato.