A mix of red, yellow, pink, and black tomatoes grown from Johnny's tomato seeds.


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Late blight resistant with excellent flavor and pink heirloom quality.
Delicious slicer with impressive heat tolerance.
Unique appearance, outstanding flavor, comparable to finest heirlooms.
Large, early ripening, fresh market beefsteak with excellent flavor.
Pink cherry streaked with gold.
The earliest shipping-type red cherry with globe-shaped, meaty fruits.
Delicious pink cherry tomato with leaf mold resistance.
Bright-yellow fruits with less splitting and sweet, juicy flavor.
An orange old-timer with rich flavor.
Late blight resistant salad tomato with excellent flavor, high yields.
Striking red sauce tomato with yellow streaks and excellent flavor.
Larger, more flavorful Juliet type.
One of the most appealing extra-early tomatoes, also cold tolerant.
Appealing pale-yellow cherry fruits on compact, easy-to-pick plants.
Eye-catching beauty with dark-indigo shoulders for quart sales.
Early, striped snacking tomato.
Orange grape with excellent, sweet flavor, borne on long trusses.
Unique look and exceptional flavor.