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Johnny's offers greens varieties originating in all corners of the globe, including open-pollinated and hybrid varieties in both organic and conventional forms. All of our greens can be grown to full size, and many can be harvested at the baby-leaf stage for inclusion in salad mixes, adding exquisite flavor, color, and texture. Create your own custom mixes with arugula, mache, cress, sorrel, mustard greens, pac choi, and other Asian greens, or try one of our popular, easy-to-grow premixed selections.
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Spicy, dark-red, ruffled leaves add color and texture to salads.
Add color and texture to your salad mixes.
21 baby; 37 full size
Johnny's Exclusive
Stir-Fry Mix Greens Mixes
Gourmet-quality greens for quick cooking; formerly named Braising Mix.
Gourmet-quality greens for quick cooking.
28 Days
Same nose-tingling sensation as wasabi condiment in Japanese cuisine.
Great wasabi flavor.
45 Days
Heat loving salad and stir-fry green with mild Swiss chard flavor.
Heat loving, salad and stir-fry green.
85 Days
This mild-tasting, slightly nutty mâche is the ideal winter salad item.
Mâche for winter salads.
50 Days
Unique component in salad mix due to striking color and serrate leaf.
Dark-red, toothed mustard for baby and full size.
21 baby; 40 full size
Gourmet salad and sandwich vegetable, exceptional nutritional value.
Gourmet salad and sandwich vegetable.
60 Days
Dark-green, hybrid tatsoi for bunching or babyleaf.
Dark green, hybrid tatsoi for bunching or baby leaf.
21 baby; 43 full size
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Green Wave Mustard Greens
Slowest-to-bolt mustard green.
Slowest-to-bolt mustard green.
21 baby; 45 full size
Wild arugula variety popular with chefs; also known as 'Wild Rocket.'
Organic wild arugula.
50 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Rosie Asian Greens
Bright strawberry-red pac choi for mixed packs and babyleaf.
Bright strawberry-red pac choi.
21 baby; 45 full size
Bulky and uniform white-stemmed pac choi for mini or full-size heads.
For mini or full-size heads.
52 Days
Known as "Red Callaloo" in the Caribbean, comparable to spinach in taste.
Known as "Red Callaloo" in the Caribbean.
50 Days
Mini Chinese cabbage for bunching, baby leaf; regrows for multiple cuts.
Mini Chinese cabbage for bunching or baby leaf.
21 baby; 45 full size
French type with bright lemon flavor; allows for extended harvest.
Bright lemon flavor.
40 baby; 60 full size
Johnny's Exclusive
Amara Mustard Greens
Tender, dark-green mustard from Africa with excellent, rich flavor.
Dark-green mustard from Africa.
21 baby; 40 full size
Dark-green, deeply-lobed leaves on upright plant for easier harvest.
Upright plant with dark-green leaves.
51 Days
Excellent dark-green, maroon leaves; sweet, slightly pungent flavor.
Excellent dark-green and maroon leaves.
21 baby; 40 full size
19 - 36 of 74