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Asian Greens
Asian Greens
With flavors ranging from mildly pungent to sweet, Asian greens have traditionally been marketed in full-size bunches for use in stir-fries and soups, but are also being prepared in novel ways and used extensively in salad mixes here in the West. When plants begin to bolt, the tender shoots can also be harvested for bunching. With their diverse colors, flavors, and textures they allow growers to stand out at the market or add unique plate appeal. We encourage you to try both our familiar and more unusual types, such as komatsuna, mizuna, tatsoi, hon tsai tai, and choi sum.
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Miz America
Unique component in salad mix due to striking color and serrate leaf.
New! Dark-red, toothed mustard for baby and full size.
21 baby; 40 full size
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Red Kingdom
Darker-red mizuna type, has mustard flavor without the heat.
New! Dark red, mizuna-type mustard.
21 baby, 40 full size
Smooth, mild-flavored leaves for salad mixes.
Smooth leaves for salad mixes.
21 baby, 45 full size
Essential salad mix ingredient, also a "cut and come again" product.
Essential salad mix ingredient.
40 Days
Mini Chinese cabbage for bunching, babyleaf; regrows for multiple cuts.
Mini Chinese cabbage for bunching or babyleaf.
21 baby; 45 full size
Refined, heat-tolerant choi sum for "cut and come again" harvest.
Refined, heat-tolerant choi sum.
40 Days
Dark-green, hybrid tatsoi for bunching or babyleaf.
Dark green, hybrid tatsoi for bunching or baby leaf.
21 baby, 43 full size
Johnny's Exclusive
Bright strawberry-red pac choi for mixed packs and babyleaf.
Bright strawberry-red pac choi.
21 baby, 45 full size
Johnny's Exclusive
Very dark green-leaved komatsuna with good heat and cold tolerance.
Very dark green-leaved komatsuna.
35 Days
Edible chrysanthemum greens for salads, vegetables, pickles and sushi.
Aromatic, edible chrysanthemum greens.
21 baby, 45 full size
Tender greens for salads and stir-fries; uniform heat tolerant plants.
Mild, tender greens.
35 Days
Chinese specialty with purple flower stems, buds, mild mustard taste.
Purple flower stems and buds.
37 Days
Improved purple mizuna with mild mustard flavor, ideal for salad mix.
Improved purple mizuna.
21 baby, 40 full size
Out of Stock
Pink-stemmed leaf radish for micro to full-size harvest.
Pink-stemmed leaf radish.
21 baby, 35 full size
Red Rain
Dark-red mizuna-type; leaves look and taste like mustard with no heat.
Dark red Mizuna-type mustard.
21 baby, 40 full size
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