Asian Greens - Key Growing Information

A bunch of freshly harvested Asian greens, including tatsoi, mizuna, pac choi, and others.
CULTURE: Sow from early spring through midsummer. May be sown into late fall in mild climates or when overwintering in a high tunnel or other protected structure. For full-size bunching: sow 15 seeds/ft., 1/4" deep in rows 12-18" apart. Most varieties do not require thinning; see individual product descriptions for varieties that do. For baby-leaf production of 'Tokyo Bekana', see the Baby Leaf Brassica Greens culture.
SUCCESSION PLANTING: Sowing every 7-10 days will provide a continuous harvest of both budding/cutting and heading types.
INSECT PESTS: Flea beetles are best controlled by covering with floating row covers from day of sowing.
HARVEST: Budding/cutting types (choi sum and kailaan): harvest when the buds are just mature, or a few are just blooming. Multiple harvests are possible for these types. Heading types (celtuce, Chinese cabbage, and komatsuna): may be harvested from medium to full-size, depending on local market preferences. These types are suitable for single harvests.
AVG. SEEDING RATE: For bunching: 1 oz./830', 1 lb./13,000' at above spacing.
SEED SPECS: SEEDS/OZ.: Avg. 12,650.
PACKET: 250 seeds unless otherwise noted, sows 16' full-size.