International Shipping Information

International Shipping Information

Agricultural Import Restrictions for International Orders

At Johnny's, our goal is always to ship your order quickly and efficiently, without delay. While we pride ourselves on researching and accommodating import regulations, it is ultimately the importer's (customer's) responsibility for knowing and adhering to agricultural import requirements specific to the country of importation.

To ensure the fastest possible fulfillment of your order, please check with your Ministry of Agriculture for information related to necessary permits or documents. Johnny's cannot be responsible for confiscated items, delayed orders, duties, or taxes. We further reserve the right to deny shipment of any order without the required, proper documentation.

To check whether we can export to your location, please see our List of Countries We Ship To. To check whether a product is prohibited from shipping to your location, please click the + SHIPPING INFORMATION accordion on the product page.

Import Permits

If an import permit is required, you must obtain one from your Ministry of Agriculture.

All documents must bear official seals of the Ministry of Agriculture, and must be accompanied by an English translation.

Once the import permit is obtained (if required), we can determine whether the ordered seed can meet the stated requirements.

Phytosanitary Certificates

When an order requires a phytosanitary certificate, one will be included. The cost of this certificate will be included in your shipping and handling fees.

Please note that we are unable to obtain a phytosanitary certificate for any type of pelleted seed, as the clay coating obstructs the seed from view.

Order Minimum

Johnny's requires a minimum order of $500 USD in merchandise per order shipped to non-Canada International addresses.

Payment Options

All orders are displayed, calculated, and should be paid in US funds. It is your responsibility to convert funds into US dollars.

Johnny's accept the following credit cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

For your protection, we require that the billing address for the order match the address on file with the bank issuing the credit card.

Additional acceptable forms of payment include:

Shipping Options

We will contact you with a quote for the best shipping method suggested for your order. We will explain the reasons for our suggestion, and provide you with choices for other shipping methods.

  • USPS First Class Mail:   Shipment cannot be tracked once it leaves our facility.
  • USPS Priority Mail:   Shipment can take several days to track if lost in transit.
  • USPS Express Mail:   Shipment can take several days to track if lost in transit.
  • FedEx International Economy:   Shipment can be tracked instantly.
  • FedEx International Priority:   Shipment can be tracked instantly.

Other Shipping Methods

We can ship international orders via other methods, but prefer that you have an account set up with that courier. If you wish to use a courier that is not listed above, please ask, and we will try to accommodate your request.


Due to the cost of international shipping, we cannot separately ship backorders free of charge. Should any items in your order be backordered, your options are to have us either:

  • Hold your entire order until the backordered items become available, then ship it complete.

  • OR

  • Remove any backordered items from your initial order and ship the available portion; then separately ship the backordered items when available, with an additional shipping charge.

  • OR

  • Cancel the backordered items and ship only the available portion of your order.

Import Duties & International Taxation

When your order arrives in your country, the customs service, or another government agency of your country, may charge you a fee on the item(s). If duties or taxes apply, you will be notified by your applicable government (usually customs) office. Johnny's Selected Seeds is not responsible for these charges and has no control over the fees charged.

Questions & Contact Information

For questions or assistance with international orders, please contact our International Sales Team.


Thomas Macy
Territory Sales Representative • Wholesale Domestic, International Sales
Email: [email protected]
Toll-Free: 877-250-9854 x 5309
Direct Line: 207-238-5309

Maddie Smith
Sales Support Specialist • International Commercial & Home Garden, Wholesale
Email: [email protected]
Toll-Free: 877-250-9854 x 3822
Direct Line: 207-861-3822



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