Here's a line drawing of the 920 Broadfork (#9061) for you to color in, from Johnny's Selected Seeds' Coloring Book.
Instructions for assembly and use of Johnny's Adjustable Toolbar, designed for creating perfectly sized holes for easily transplanting seedlings in a bed up to 36” wide.
Follow the illustrated, step-by-step instructions in this Tech Sheet to correctly assemble your new Bed Preparation Rake.
A downloadable, printable (PDF) version of our Broadfork Applications Comparison Chart.
Designed in conjunction with Eliot Coleman and built by a skilled Maine toolmaker. Instruction sheet details components and assembly, and provides information on how to loosen and aerate different soil types with broadforks, including compacted and irregular soil profiles, using the broadforks for loosening soil around root crops, and crop harvesting. Basic maintenance includes cleaning, brushing, and wiping with oils following use to protect tines and handles during storage.
4 Keys to Successful Carrot Culture, from the carrot research and trialing team at Johnny's Selected Seeds : 1) Preparation of the carrot bed, soil composition and tilth; 2) Spacing of carrot bed rows; 3) Weeding timing and techniques; and 4) Watering and irrigation.
Follow with care the instructions in this Tech Sheet for assembling your Flame Weeder, mounting the tank to the backpack, and using the Flame Weeder, paying special heed to safety precautions.
Follow these 6 simple steps to prepare your beds and ensure vigorous growth, using tools designed by Eliot Coleman and Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Follow the instructions in this Tech Sheet for using the Hanna pH Meter to measure soil pH for an accurate reading. Includes how to care for the electrode.
Now on the cusp of its 50th anniversary, Johnny's mission to serve small-scale organic farmers and gardeners holds firm. But seed breeding and trialing aren't our only passions... here's a brief history of tool development at Johnny's.
Compare our Infinite Rolling Dibbler Frame widths against their maximum wheel spacing, maximum even spacing between rows, and number of wheels to achieve the desired spacing. Completely adjustable for many different crop types.
This full-color Tech Sheet provides a list of components included with the Manual Mulch Layer, step-by-step assembly instructions, and recommendations for field or greenhouse set-up and use.