Avenger Weed Killer Concentrate – Label. OMRI-Listed Herbicide suitable for certified-organic production. Please read and follow instructions carefully.
Avenger Weed Killer Concentrate. Materials Safety Data Sheet. Please read Safety Data Sheet carefully before each use.
Avenger Weed Killer Concentrate. Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) Certificate. This product is OMRI-listed for use according to restrictions in certified-organic production. Please read accompanying materials carefully before each use.
Follow the instructions in this Tech Sheet for correct ergonomic use of Johnny's Collinear Hoes, designed by Eliot Coleman of Four Season Farm.
Follow these illustrated, step-by-step instructions to correctly assemble, mount, adjust and operate your Finger Weeders.
Follow with care the instructions in this Tech Sheet for assembling your Flame Weeder, mounting the tank to the backpack, and using the Flame Weeder, paying special heed to safety precautions.
The standard Glaser Wheel Hoe combines a blade with a wheeled frame to support the blade, and enables you to cover significantly more ground than with traditional hoes. With the Double Wheel Conversion Kit and the addition of 2 Off-set Hoes, the wheel hoe can straddle a row and weed on either side of the crop. This cuts cultivation time in half for many row crops. A list of all materials included with these instructions.
Follow these easy, detailed, and illustrated assembly and use instructions for best results with your Glaser Wheel Hoe. Cultivate soil without damaging the tilth.
Compare form, function, and specs of the various long-handled cultivation tools available from Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Simple instructions with diagram for installing the offset wire end of the hoe and insertion of either the 60"-long or 73"-long lightweight aluminum handle.
Directions for Installing Pro 5 Weed Barrier Fabric : Unroll fabric, laying its fuzzy side down. This ensures water easily permeates the fabric, as well as helping to keep it in place during installation. Anchor the fabric to the ground with row cover staples every 5 feet, closer if it will be exposed to strong winds. If covering a large area, be sure to overlap the fabric at a width of at least 6". Cut an X or a circle in the fabric to plant through into the soil, or use a flame weeder to burn holes into the fabric. The yellow lines spaced 1 foot apart ...
An introduction to strategies for effectively targeting both annual weeds and perennial weeds in sustainable agriculture systems, from Johnny's Selected Seeds.