Video: Brad Waugh & JM Fortier on Improving the Six-Row Seeder

We are continually at work to improve upon our product lines at Johnny's, from the tiniest seeds to the most durable farming implements. We love to hear What works well for you?  But to better serve you, we need to hear What does not? 

Meet Brad Waugh, Johnny's Mechanical Design Engineer, who together in this video with market gardener, author and educator Jean-Martin Fortier re-examines the functionality of the Six-Row Pinpoint Seeder. Hear Brad and JM's take on how they would make it better.

Our shared goal was a simple one: Create the best possible Six-Row Seeder 2.0. First released in 2006, we are pleased with the improvements made to the V2 2020 rerelease, but would like to hear your thoughts. Whether it pertains to ergonomics, efficacy, ROI, versatility, durability, or otherwise, your point of view matters when it comes to improving upon our tools.