Jang Seeder: How to Maximize Its Potential • Webinar

Jang Seeder: How to Maximize Its Potential

About Our Presenters
Jen GoffJen Goff is our Tools & Supplies Product Manager and has worked with our diverse product line for over 5 years. She oversees the product selection, tools development, and trialing program for the tools and supplies assortment.
Rachel KatzRachel Katz has been working on farms for the last 20 years, serving as Johnny's Trials Technician for the past 6. She works with large and small leafy greens both in field and high tunnel production, evaluating strategies and parsing subtle differences between varieties to inform grower success.
Q&A Moderator
Lauren KendallLauren Kendall has been commercially farming for nearly 16 years. At Johnny's she is the Territory Sales Representative for the mid-Atlantic region, serving growers in Virginia, West Virginia, DC, Delaware, and Maryland, as well as Tennessee and Kentucky.

Welcome to the Resources page for our Jang JP Seeder Webinar, a list of educational materials related to the webinar.

The webinar has taken place, but in case you missed it or want to revisit the material, you can review the related learning materials below, including a full recording of the presentation and the webinar slide deck!

OVERVIEW: Jang JP Series Seeders provide precision seeding of a range of seed crops for market farmers and gardeners alike. Join Tools Product Manager Jen Goff and Baby Leaf Trialing Technician Rachel Katz as they cover the mechanics of Jang seeders, their uses and limitations, and provide insights on selecting from more than 60 custom-size seed rollers. Learn how to maximize yield by choosing the correct seeding density for baby leaf crops from our trials on the farm.

Attendees of this webinar were entered into a random drawing to win a Jang JP-1 Seeder. It was our pleasure to send a Jang JP-1 to the winning attendee, a market grower in Brunswick, New Brunswick, Canada, following the presentation!

Webinar Learning Resources

Jang Seeder: How to Maximize Its Potential • WEBINAR VIDEO • ~80 minutes
Here is a video recording of our webinar and Q&A session. The full presentation runs approximately 80 minutes. Watch…
Jang Seeder: How to Maximize Its Potential • WEBINAR SLIDE DECK • 28-pp PDF
The downloadable, 28-pp printable slide deck from our webinar on maximizing the potential of the Jang Seeder. View…

Additional Learning Resources for the Jang JP Series Seeders

Jang Seeder: Anatomy & Use • VIDEO • ~4 minutes
This is a 4-minute intro to the Jang JP-1 Seeder, providing a concise overview of seeder anatomy, accessories, and rollers for optimal seeding singulation, ease, and efficiency. Watch…
DIY • Jang Roller Testing Grid • 1-p PDF
Install the roller you want to test, add seed to the hopper, and turn the sprocket. Use this 20-square grid to identify approximate percentage of singles, doubles, skips, etc. Download…

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