Written by our Research & Trialing team, this tech sheet provides instructions on how to grow, harvest, and handle fennel bulb (Foeniculum vulgare), including recommendations on site selection; timing; direct-seeding (raw seed); direct-seeding (pelleted seeds); transplanting; blanching; harvest; and storage conditions.
Key growing information for fennel bulb (Foeniculum vulgare) from seed: direct-sowing or transplanting, days to maturity, cultural needs, harvesting, and storage, from Johnny's Research Team.
Written by our research team, this reference contains the essential information for growing fennel bulb from pelleted seed. Read more for a successful harvest!
Read about 3 top-trending summer-plant-for-fall-harvest vegetables — beets, kale, and bulb fennel — good crops to plant in mid to late summer for harvesting through fall.