Pelleted Fennel - Key Growing Information

A planting of fennel grown from pelleted seed, for ease of handling and a uniform planting.
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Foeniculum vulgare
CULTURE: Bulb fennel, or finocchio, prefers fertile, well-drained soils high in organic matter with a pH range of 6.5–7.5. Adequate irrigation is needed to produce high-yielding and flavorful crops. Whenever possible, fennel should be planted to mature in shortening days with cooler temperatures, as high heat and long days encourage bolting. Pelleted seed requires a little extra attention when it comes to watering, as it performs best with consistent, moderate soil moisture throughout the germination period. An initial watering will split or dissolve the pellet, but if the soil is allowed to dry out before the germination period is over, the seed may receive insufficient moisture for optimal germination.
DIRECT SEEDING: Midspring through early summer, 10 seeds/ft., ¼" deep, rows 18" apart. Thin to 6" apart.
TRANSPLANTING: Use 1–2" cell-type containers, sowing 2-3 seeds/cell, ¼" deep. Thin to 1 plant/cell. Grow for 4–6 weeks or until plants can be removed without disturbing roots. Transplant outdoors in midspring to late summer 6" apart. Use care as disturbing the roots may cause bolting. Clip off any seed stalks that may form.
HARVEST: When base thickens, use sharp pruners to cut bulb free just above taproot. Cut off leaf petioles 1–2" above bulb to prepare for sale or storage.
STORAGE: Best at 32°F (0°C) with 95% relative humidity.
TRANSPLANTS: Avg. 4,000 plants/oz.
PELLET STORAGE: Pelleting offers many advantages, but the pelleting process also shortens the shelf life of the seed. We recommend using pelleted seed within one year of purchase. If you need to store pelleted seeds until planting, protect them from heat and humidity in a cool, dark, dry place. If you prefer to store your seed in the refrigerator, be sure to place the seed in an air-tight container to protect it from fluctuations in humidity.
DAYS TO MATURITY: From direct seeding.
AVG. DIRECT SEEDING RATE: 290,000 pellets/acre @ 10 pellets/ft in rows 18" apart or 10,000 pellets/1,000 ft. row.
PELLET SIZE: Unsized mini pellets.
SEED SPECS: PELLETS/OZ: See individual varieties.
PACKET: 200 pellets, sows 20' at 10 pellets/ft.