Guidelines for choosing the right tomato varieties to suit your particular growing needs and unique preferences, defining 3 key differentiating features, plus our recommended best varieties. 3 key questions: 1) Which vegetative growth habit best suits your needs? Indeterminate (tall and viney) OR determinate (bushy). 2) Where will you grow your tomatoes? Outdoors OR indoors/in a protected setting. 3) Which fruit characteristics are of greatest importance to you? Flavor, color, texture, yield...
Follow the instructions in this Tech Sheet (#8864) for successful production of husk cherries (Physalis pruinosa), including cultural specifics, pests and diseases, harvest and storage.
Key Growing Information

Husk Cherry | Key Growing Information

Written by our research team, this reference contains the Key Growing Information for growing husk cherries from seed. Read more for a successful harvest!