Learning resources for our webinar on Baby Leaf Greens: 12 Picks for Market Growers. Johnny's baby-leaf greens product manager & trialing technician weigh in on their 12 favorite varieties from our extensive line of baby leaf greens.
A full-color, downloadable and printable (PDF) version of our Swiss Chard Comparison Chart.
Key Growing Information

Swiss Chard | Key Growing Information

Written by our research team, this reference contains the essential information for growing Swiss chard from seed. Read more for a successful harvest!
Johnny's Vegetable Product Manager Pete Zuck reviews the 7 key attributes that make 'Peppermint' one of his favorite Swiss chards: a tall, upright, easy-to-harvest plant for bunching; tolerance to bolting; stands up to Cercospora & other leaf diseases; beautiful, eye-catching appearance; peppermint-striped petiole; bright-white contrasting petiole extends all the way up into leaf veins; and dark, lustrous, voluminous leaves.
Here is the full presentation of our Baby Leaf Greens: 12 Picks for Market Growers webinar, followed by a Q&A session. The full video runs approximately 1 hour.
Learn about this showy gold chard bred by Johnny's Selected Seeds. Heart of Gold was selected for bolt tolerance, uniform color, and wider petioles.