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Comparison Chart
Swiss Chard Varieties | Dynamic Comparison Chart
Quickly compare leaf color, petiole color, and amount of savoy for the top varieties in our Swiss chard assortment. This simple, dynamic comparison chart was compiled from data collected by our research team, to help growers find the best Swiss chard varieties for their farm or garden. Read More
Video: 'Peppermint' Swiss Chard | Variety Highlights
Johnny's Vegetable Product Manager Pete Zuck reviews the attributes that make 'Peppermint' one of his favorite Swiss chards: • Tall, upright, easy to harvest for bunching; •  Tolerant to bolting; •  Stands up to Cercospora & other leaf diseases; •  Beautiful, eye-catching appearance; •  Peppermint-striped petiole; •  Bright white contrasting petiole extends all the way up into leaf veins; •  Dark, lustrous, voluminous leaves. Read More
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