Video: 'Glow Stix Sunrise Mix' Carrots | Exclusively from Johnny's Selected Seeds

Hi, I'm Wes Palmer, with Johnny's Selected Seeds. I'm here in our spring carrot trial, to show you our brand new colored carrot mix. It's called 'Glow Stix Sunrise Mix'.

You can see here, in front of me, the beautiful palette of pastel shades. The varieties in this mix were selected through several years of careful trialing here at our research farm, to look for uniform root shape, size, and days to maturity, together with a complementary color palette.

This is an early-maturing mix, about 70 days to maturity. These particular roots are right at 75.

It's got great, compact tops — very sturdy, well suited for bunching.

We are super excited about this mix, and we hope you give it a try.