Freshly dug carrots

Choosing Carrots: A Guide to Varieties You Will Dig

About Our Presenters
Brenna ChaseBrenna Chase is the Product Manager for carrots at Johnny's. She also manages other crops, including leafy greens and microgreens. She is responsible for managing the product assortment for these crops as well as overseeing the product development targets of Johnny's carrot, Swiss chard, and greens breeding programs.
Daniel YoderDaniel Yoder is a Vegetables Product Technician on Johnny's Research Team. In addition to numerous other crops, Daniel coordinates the annual carrot trials at Johnny’s Research Farm in Maine, collects data and analyzes results, and is also involved in product development and education.

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OVERVIEW: Which key carrot traits are best for your farm or garden?

Our Carrots Team is here to help! Join Brenna and Daniel as we dig into carrot performance traits, including root types, foliar structure, speed of growth and field holding, and flavor development. From there, we'll cover a range of carrot variety considerations, carrot storage, and finally, a comparison of Johnny's colored carrots.

The presentation runs approximately 45 minutes and is followed by a Q&A session, where Brenna and Daniel will answer questions from the audience.

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