Video: The Advantages of Salanova® Lettuce | Johnny's Selected Seeds

Key Advantages to Growing Salanova® Lettuce • Vegetable Product Manager Brenna Chase covers the key characteristics and benefits of this novel class of lettuce from Johnny's.

Salanova is an innovative lettuce type that allows you to harness all the exceptional qualities of a mature head of lettuce, for an efficient and profitable approach to salad mix.

Salanova lettuces are selected for extremely uniform, small leaflets, so that when cut, the leaves are all salad size, unlike those of a standard head of lettuce.

In addition, the heads are extremely dense, packed with layers of leaves, so that the yield potential of these varieties is outstanding.

Because the lettuce you're harvesting is from a fully mature head, you get the deep coloration, heavy leaf, and textured appearance that make for an absolutely excellent salad mix — one that fills the bag quickly, has exceptional flavor, and great loft.

Also, this mix will store much longer than a standard baby leaf lettuce mix, because the leaves are not as easily damaged.

Salanova provides for a more reliable and flexible growing program, compared to traditional baby leaf: With its reliable germination and less wasted field space, heads can be harvested during a wide window of maturity — when your market is ready — unlike time-sensitive baby leaf.

Many of these varieties can also be sold as whole head lettuces as needed.

Johnny's is proud to be your source for Salanova lettuce!