Prismatic Mini-Head Lettuce Mix from Johnny's

We're here in the Johnny’s spring lettuce trial with the new Prismatic Mini Head Mix.

This is a collection of mini head one-cut varieties that were selected for a well-matched maturity and head size and a gorgeous range of complementary colors and leaf shapes and textures. The Prismatic Mini Head Mix is a pre-packed seed mix for ease of sowing and an effortlessly diverse and beautiful final product.

Here the mix is planted at 6 inch spacing in-row for a tight grid of mini heads. Maturity here is about 55 days. There are five components to this mix. Three reds: a red Batavia, red oakleaf and red crunchleaf; and two greens: a green oakleaf and a green butter.

These varieties can also be cut for use in a salad mix with uniformly sized leaves that resist over sizing and in the mixed leaf used here you can see that beautiful contrast in color and form that makes this mix so appealing.

These high quality varieties are slow-bolting with strong yields and excellent field holding, and all of these varieties have excellent downy mildew resistance as well as Nasonovia aphid resistance.

And again, this is the Prismatic Mini Head Mix. We hope you'll give it a try!