Follow Our Planting Programs to Optimize Harvest Yield


Follow Our Planting Programs for Growing Success

Johnny's Planting Programs are designed to take the guesswork out of succession planting, allowing you to extend your harvest across the growing season.

What Is a Planting Program?

A planting program is a plan for extending the harvest period of a particular crop, using various methods to supply the market for a longer period of time than would otherwise be possible.

3 Key Ways of Implementing a Successful Program

  • Plant different varieties at separate times, according to their appropriate planting and harvesting slots.
  • Plant several different varieties with different days-to-maturity at the same time, for extended, successive harvesting.
  • Using season extension tools such as row covers, or protective methods such as growing indoors or in tunnels, to produce earlier crops in the spring and later crops in the fall/winter.

Why Use a Planting Program?

  • Certain varieties are better suited for warmer months, while others for cooler weather. Varieties grown during an inappropriate time slot may fall short of their potential, resulting in a poor-quality or even unmarketable product. Production periods are key.
  • Growth rates vary by season. In the warm, long days of late spring/early summer, slower-growing, heat-tolerant varieties can be planted. In the cooler, short days of fall, faster-growing, cold-tolerant varieties can be planted.