Holes in logs for growing mushrooms

Log Inoculation Calculator

hole pattern for log inoculation Image courtesy of North Spore

How Much Spawn Do I Need?

To inoculate logs, we recommend drilling holes in rows, and then staggering those rows, creating a diamond pattern.

Space holes in rows 4” apart, with the rows of holes staggered 2” apart.

Use the chart below to estimate the amount of spawn and wax you will need, based on the length and diameter of the logs you plan to inoculate.

Log Inoculation Calculator
Log Length Log Diameter Number of Plugs Amount of Sawdust Spawn Amount of Wax
36" 4" 57 plugs 10% of a bag 0.11 lb
36" 5" 71 plugs 10% of a bag 0.14 lb
36" 6" 85 plugs 10% of a bag 0.17 lb
36" 7" 99 plugs 15% of a bag 0.20 lb
36" 8" 114 plugs 20% of a bag 0.23 lb
Data courtesy of North Spore.

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