Nasturtium Shoots (Tropaeolum spp.) - Key Growing Information

Eye-popping plate appeal: the lime, purple, and dusty-green rounded leaves of 'Shades of Green' nasturtium shoots.


Tropaeolum spp.


Grow in a greenhouse, indoors under lights, or outside when the weather is warm, at least 60–65°F (16–18°C). Germination occurs in 7–14 days. Soaking nasturtium seeds before planting is not required. Fill flats with 1–1 ½" soilless media. Sow seeds thickly in a single layer, and lightly press seeds into media. Cover lightly with media as seeds require darkness to germinate. Keep moist, but not too wet, with overhead watering, or use a leak-proof tray to bottom water. Shoots should reach marketable size in approximately 14–21 days.


Using a sharp harvest knife or scissors, cut the shoots just above the soil line. This should be done when shoots reach 3–6", when 2–4 leaves have developed, or what your market prefers. Place in plastic bags or sealed containers and refrigerate.