Close-up shot of leafy baby greens.


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Slow-bolting white-stem pac choi for dense, fully formed mini heads.
Wild arugula variety popular with chefs; also known as 'Wild Rocket.'
Flashy sorrel adds color and sharp, tangy flavor to salads.
Organic greens mix with great balance of mild and spicy ingredients.
Stunning colors, flavors, and textures for a beautiful salad.
Rich burgundy, hybrid tatsoi for bunching or baby leaf.
Tender and lofty with mild flavor.
Intricately lobed dark green and maroon leaves.
Very dark green komatsuna with good heat and cold tolerance.
Heat loving salad and stir-fry green with mild Swiss chard flavor.
Exceptionally dark red, deeply lobed leaves.
French type with bright lemon flavor; allows for extended harvest.
Fast growing with great color contrast for mixes.
Bright strawberry red pac choi for mixed packs and baby leaf.
Dark green, hybrid tatsoi for bunching or baby leaf.
Our frilliest greens mix.
Dark green, deeply lobed leaves on upright plant for easier harvest.