Close-up shot of leafy baby greens.


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Our frilliest greens mix.
Economical, organic OP tatsoi.
Bulky and uniform white-stemmed pac choi for mini or full-size heads.
Organic white-stemmed pac choi.
Dark green, deeply lobed leaves on upright plant for easier harvest.
Very slow-bolting, broadleaf mustard.
Heat loving salad and stir-fry green with mild Swiss chard flavor.
French type with bright lemon flavor; allows for extended harvest.
Intricately lobed dark green and maroon leaves.
Dark red and green, deeply lobed leaves.
Gourmet salad and sandwich vegetable, exceptional nutritional value.
Rich burgundy, hybrid tatsoi for bunching or baby leaf.
This mild-tasting, slightly nutty mâche is the ideal winter salad item.
Red, ruffled leaves for beautiful color and texture.
Exceptionally dark red, deeply lobed leaves.
Dark green, hybrid tatsoi for bunching or baby leaf.
Flashy sorrel adds color and sharp, tangy flavor to salads.