Lush growth of red and green microgreens grown from one of our microgreen seed mixes.


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Bright lemon flavor and distinctive red veins.
Intricately lobed red and dark-green leaves.
Finely textured leaves for a delicate presentation.
Feathery leaves add delicate dill flavor and visual interest.
Purple stems and dark-green leaves with a purple tint.
Glossy, serrated red leaves.
Spicy radish flavor, attractive pink stems and green leaves.
Medium-green, heavily curled leaves with sharp, spicy flavor.
Dark green, spoon-shaped leaves with mild flavor.
Delicate green plant with nutty and mild, pea-like flavor.
Traditional Japanese culinary herb with appealing, crunchy texture.
Light green leaves with yellow mid-vein and stems.
Broad, thick green leaves with mild cucumber flavor.