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Several oblong white daikon radishes.
Daikon Radishes
Daikon radishes have long been cultivated in Asia, where they are widely used for pickling, fermenting, relishes, stir-fries, salads, soups, and condiments. The tops are also edible and nutrient-rich. Johnny's was among the first American seed companies to offer the traditional, long white Asian daikon radish (Japanese for "big root"), and our selection today includes daikons with purple and green-shouldered roots, a range of shapes, lengths, and flavors, as well as maturity dates, for a wide harvest season. See our Specialty and Daikon Radish Planting Program for specifics.
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Red King 2 Daikon Radishes
Smooth, brilliant red.
New! Smooth, brilliant red.
53 Days
Attractive purple roots with sweet flavor and good eating quality.
Sweet-flavored, attractive purple roots.
49 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Alpine Daikon Radishes
Half-long daikon with exceptional flavor, grown for kimchi in Korea.
Half-long daikon with exceptional flavor.
55 Days
Traditional fall harvest Daikon of the highest quality.
Traditional fall harvest daikon.
50 Days
Mini daikon for pickling and fresh use.
Mini daikon for pickling and fresh use.
50 Days
The choice Japanese-style variety for mid- and late-summer harvest.
For late summer and fall.
55 Days
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