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Broccoli X Gailon
Broccoli X Gailon
Also known as Chinese broccoli, the florets of broccoli x gailon (gai lan) are smaller and more tender than European heading broccolis, and its stems though longer are equally tender and edible, with a sweet, mild flavor. Our hybrid varieties are more vigorous and adaptable than nonhybrids. Top the main shoot to encourage side shoot production over a longer harvest window.
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Johnny's Exclusive
Happy Rich Broccoli X Gailon
Vigorous mini broccoli for successful summer crops and sweeter flavor.
The solution to successful summer broccoli production.
55 Days
Higher-yielding broccoli/Gailon cross for the baby broccoli market.
Excellent for specialty broccoli sales.
60 Days
Excellent for baby broccoli sales, our recommended sub for Atlantis.
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Excellent for baby broccoli sales.
58 Days
Out of Stock
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