Mini Broccoli - Key Growing Information

These mini broccoli plants are being harvested by Hillary Alger, Johnny's Product Manager.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Brassica spp.
CULTURE: Mini broccoli prefers a well-drained, fertile soil high in organic matter, a pH of 6.0-7.5 and a consistent supply of moisture throughout the growing season. Irrigate regularly for best results.
EARLY SPRING CROP: Sow 2-3 seeds per cell in 72-cell plug flats, 3-4 seeds/in. in 20 row flats, or in outdoor beds ¼" deep. Seedlings should be ready to transplant in 3-4 weeks. If possible, keep soil temperature over 75°F (24°C) until germination, then reduce air temperature to about 60°F (16°C). Ensure good air circulation and light. Transplant outdoors 12-18" apart in rows 18-24" apart. Mini broccoli prefers cooler growing temperatures, between 55-75°F (13-24°C), optimum being 60-70°F (16-21°C), but will produce good crops under warmer, summer conditions.
FALL CROP: Start seedlings as above in May and transplant to the garden in June-July. To ensure mature heads, seed the crop early in areas where heavy freezes occur early in fall.
WINTER CROP: Successful mini broccoli crops can be grown where winters are mild (temperatures rarely below 32°F (0°C)). Transplants can be set out from September to February in these regions.
DIRECT SEEDING: Tolerates light frost. From early spring to late summer, grow like broccoli raab, sowing 10-12 seeds/ft., ¼-½" deep, rows 18-24" apart. Thin plants to 4-6" apart and harvest whole plants for a one-cut harvest.
HARVEST: For a multi-cut harvest, pinch the initial floret as soon as it forms to encourage vigorous side shoot production (if main floret is allowed to mature, the overall yield of side shoots will be reduced). Cut florets as they mature.
INSECT PESTS: Use fabric row covers on the day of planting to exclude maggot flies and flea beetles.
DISEASE: Prevent disease with crop rotation and good sanitation.
Note:We only stock seed lots that have been tested free of black rot in a sample of 30,000 seeds. Individual seed lots have also been tested free of black leg in a sample of 1,000 seeds.
DAYS TO MATURITY:From direct seeding; subtract 10-15 days if using transplants.
AVG. DIRECT SEEDING RATE:1 oz./1,000', 1M/166', 5M/830', 175M/acre @ 6 seeds/ft. rows 18" apart.
SEED SPECS: SEEDS/OZ.: 5,000-15,500 (Avg. 8,800).
PACKET: 250 seeds (unless otherwise noted), sows 20'.