Broccoli Rabe (Raab) - Key Growing Information

Broccoli raab, a cool-season crop sown in average soil in early spring as soon as the soil is workable.
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Brassica rapa var. ruvo

Hardy to light frost. Prefers soil with a pH of 6.0–7.5. Direct seed (recommended): Sow 1–2" apart, ¼–½" deep, in rows 18–24" apart. Thin to 4–6" apart. Transplant: From early spring to late summer, sow 2–3 seeds per cell (thinning to one) in 72-cell plug trays 3–4 weeks before transplanting to the garden. If possible keep soil temperatures over 75°F/24°C until germination, then reduce air temp. to about 60°F/16°C to grow seedlings. Ensure good air circulation and light. Transplant outdoors 6–12" apart.

The best insect pest control on young plants is the use of fabric row covers, which prevents the insects' access to the plants. Control flea beetles with azadirachtin or pyrethrin, cabbage worms with B.t. Prevent disease with crop rotation and good sanitation. See catalog for further information.

Keep young leaves, stems, and flower buds picked for a continuous harvest over 2–4 weeks.

Seeds/oz.: Avg. 15,450). Avg. Direct Seeding Rate: 1 oz./1,000', 1M/166', 5M/830', 175M/acre @ 6 seeds/ft., rows 18" apart. Packet: 250 seeds, sows 20'.