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Heirloom Tomatoes
Heirloom Tomatoes
Heirloom tomatoes are varieties whose incomparable eating quality has led seed savers to collect and pass them down through generations of growers. While the flavor of heirlooms surpasses many modern varieties, they do require more attention from the grower, and are typically lower yielding than modern hybrids. The thin skin that contributes to their fine eating quality can also predispose them to being damaged more easily than thicker-skinned varieties. We look for the best of both worlds and offer only the finest heirlooms, from lines that provide the highest marketable yield without compromising flavor. All our heirloom tomatoes are indeterminate varieties, many are available as certified-organic seed, and some as plants, professionally grafted onto vigorous rootstock varieties.
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One of the best tasting with rich, loud, distinctively spicy flavor.
One of the best-tasting tomatoes.
78 Days
Unusual variety with full flavor.
Unusual variety with full flavor.
72 Days
Russian heirloom with bold, smoky flavor, good texture, unusual look.
Russian heirloom.
80 Days
Petite, distinctive salad tomato borne on tall, vigorous vines.
Petite, distinctive salad tomato.
70 Days
Long favorite heirloom plum, good for salads, ideal for processing.
A long-time favorite heirloom plum.
85 Days
Bicolor with complex, fruity flavor and beautiful interior marbling.
Bicolor red and yellow fruit.
78 Days
Highly-productive black heirloom with excellent flavor and fruit quality.
Highly-productive, black heirloom with excellent flavor.
76 Days
Delicious first-early heirloom borne on a compact, determinate plant.
Delicious first-early heirloom.
55 Days
Green-striped, delicious, and tangy salad specialty.
Green-striped salad specialty.
72 Days
Rivals Brandywine for taste; deep-pink and smoother than Brandywine.
Rivals Brandywine for taste.
78 Days
More vigorous, higher-yielding Brandywine type with excellent flavor.
More vigorous, higher-yielding Brandywine type.
75 Days
Sunny orange fruits with full flavor, meaty interior with few seeds.
Sunny orange fruits with full tomato flavor.
76 Days
Early Brandywine type yields flattened smooth fruits, many over 1 lb.
Early Brandywine type.
67 Days
Big yellow-white fruits with mild flavor; best white tomato we've seen.
Big yellow-white fruits with mild flavor.
75 Days
Mahogany brown with distinctively rich and fruity tomato flavor.
Mahogany brown with good flavor.
74 Days
Italian heirloom with superb flavor.
Superb flavor.
78 Days
Nepal Heirloom Tomatoes
Smooth late-season tomato with plenty of old-fashioned tomato flavor.
Take advantage of our overstock position! Smooth and flavorful in late season.
78 Days
Matt's Wild Cherry Heirloom Tomatoes
Wild tomato with great flavor, fantastic for salsa and fresh eating.
Take advantage of our overstock position! The wild tomato with great flavor.
60 Days
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