Yellow, maroon, and variegated flower heads, grown from Johnny's sunflower seeds, and displayed on a wooden board.


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Vigorous hybrids feature pollenless, uniform, high-quality flowers.
Classic variety, now with downy mildew resistance.
Southern growers prefer this variety for winter production.
An organic sunflower with golden-orange petals.
Ruby red flowers that hold their petals, strong side stems for cutting.
Darkest-red sunflower with long-lasting blooms and wild look.
Lemon yellow petals surround a dark disk.
Dwarf, branching plants loaded with red and gold flowers.
Exquisite, deep burgundy petals surround an ebony center.
Bold, beautiful flowers reminiscent of fall leaves.
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Vibrant long-blooming mixture.
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Gorgeous pale-yellow, fully-double blooms on sturdy, branching stems.
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