Yellow, maroon, and variegated flower heads, grown from Johnny's sunflower seeds, and displayed on a wooden board.


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Radiant bicolor flowers with strong stems.
Strawberry-lemonade color palette.
Color innovation in a professional-quality, single-stem sunflower.
Exciting addition to the ProCut series.
Exciting addition to the ProCut series.
Exciting addition to the ProCut series.
4–6" flowers are deep red with brown disks.
Bold, beautiful flowers reminiscent of fall leaves.
Downy mildew resistance and improved appearance.
Ruby red flowers that hold their petals, strong side stems for cutting.
High-yielding sunflower for edible gray-striped seeds and bird food.
Outstanding cut flower that is also good for bee forage.
Red petals with lemon tips and a dark disk.
Lemon yellow petals surround a dark disk.
A single stem, fully-double sunflower, still a favorite in our trials.
Highly uniform addition to the ProCut® series.
Mahogany red flowers with orange tips and a dark disk.
Darkest-red sunflower with long-lasting blooms and wild look.
First sunflower to win an All-America Selections award.
Novel green sunflower with sepals that cover the flower face.
Single-stem sunflower with refined appearance and sturdy flower heads.
Cheerful companion to Teddy Bear.
Tall, branching variety with long stems and rich brown flowers.
Exquisite, deep burgundy petals surround an ebony center.
Excellent stem quality, color combination, and chocolate fragrance.
Slightly larger blooms than Sunny Smile.
Vibrant new addition to the Sunrich Series.
Dwarf, branching plants loaded with red and gold flowers.
Classic variety, now with downy mildew resistance.
Novel purple sunflower with sepals that cover the flower face.
Early and prolific classic sunflower.
Fully-double, bright golden flowers with green-to-yellow centers.
Ten days earlier to bloom than the standard Sunrich Series.
An organic sunflower with golden-orange petals.
Summer sunshine for late fall, as tough as it is beautiful.
Vigorous hybrids feature pollenless, uniform, high-quality flowers.
Earlier single-stem, double blooms.
Tall sunflower bred for winter production.
Robust, branching plants with fully-double, bright lemon-yellow blooms.
Southern growers prefer this variety for winter production.