Video: 'Queensday' Tulip | from Johnny's Selected Seeds

A closer look at 'Queensday' double-flowering tulip

This variety in front of me is 'Queensday'. This is a double-flowering variety, and there are a couple of things that make this variety really special.

First are the really long, sturdy stems that you can see. The stems are nice and tall, for a double. It's also a little bit earlier flowering for a double tulip. 'Queensday' flowers for us right along with our Darwin hybrids, early to mid spring.

Another thing that's really nice about this variety is the range of colors on these blooms. You can see that as the buds open, they are a few different shades of green, a little bit of orange, and then, as they mature, the orange color develops further. But then, on the outer petal edges, there is a really beautiful range of rose and a little bit of magenta and green, along with the deepening orange. As the blooms mature even further, they get a little bit of gold on the petal edges. So there is a lot going on, color-wise, with this variety that makes it really beautiful and interesting.

The flowers are nice and fully double. They also have a little bit of a light, citrusy fragrance to them. And the plot is looking really nice right now, so we just wanted to share this!

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