Looking for a compact Genovese basil variety to try this year? 'Everleaf' offers: a) Disease resistance; b) Compact habit, with short spaces between leaves and branches — perfect for live plant and container production, or for extended harvest in the field or garden; c) High productivity, despite a small stature; d) Attractive, cupped leaves with a traditional asil flavor and aroma; and e) last but not least, plants that are slower to bolt than most varieties, by up to 8 weeks, lengthening the harvest window for top-quality leaves. Learn more by watching our video!
Here's a look at the results of Johnny's R&D basil team's extensive research on Prospera basil in relation to its basil downy mildew resistance.
Here's a look at Prospera Red, the first red downy mildew-resistant basil, available through Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Save money by growing your own vegetables and herbs. Niki Jabbour explains how, by choosing: a) easy-to-grow, productive varieties; that b) you love and use a lot; and that c) are more costly if you buy them.
Canadian gardening author and educator Niki Jabbour talks her 3 favorite varieties for basil downy mildew prevention and control: Prospera® DMR; Prospera® Compact DMR; and Prospera® Italian Large Leaf DMR.