Use our Seeding Date Calculator to determine seeding dates for all your vegetable, herb, and flower varieties, when you want to plan to harvest your crops on specific target dates.
A full-color, downloadable/printable (PDF) version of our Fertil Pots Comparison Chart.
A full-color, downloadable/printable (PDF) version of our Seedling Flats Comparison Chart, including 20-Row Seed Flats; Pro-Tray Cell Flats; Plug Flats; and Jumbo Plug Flats (Six 6-packs).
Use this comparison chart to learn about and choose flats, trays, domes, and pots compatible with your seed-starting and cultural needs, in a range of sizes and materials, Clear Acrylic Domes; Propagation Domes; 20-Row Seed Flats; Pro-Tray Cell Flats; Plug Flats; Jumbo Plug Flats (Six 6-packs); Pots; Mini Square Plastic Pots; Shallow Black Germination Trays; Shallow White Leakproof Trays; Solid Mesh Trays; Fertil Pots; and plastic pots.
Full-color, downloadable/printable (PDF) chart comparing our humidity dome offerings, including Clear Acrylic Domes and Propagation Domes for seed-starting and grafted plant healing chambers.
This chart indicates which Paperpot Drop Seeder or Skip Plate to use for seeding a Paperpot tray with specific vegetable, herb, and flower crops, plus part number, number of holes, hole diameter, in-row spacing, and recommended crops.
This chart indicates which Paper Chain Pots to use for production of vegetable, herb, and flower crops, listing part number, in-row spacing, number of cells per tray, approximate length, and quantity in each unit.
Compare features for our line of durable, reusable Smart Pots, with part numbers, growing medium capacity in cubic meters and gallons, diameter, heights, and suitable crops to grow in each size.
Use this convenient comparison chart to compare hole dimensions, features, and correct crop applications for each of the interchangeable plates available for your Precision Vacuum Seeder.
Use this calculator to ascertain when to start seeds indoors and then to transplant outside, based on the frost-free date in your area.
Use this full-color, downloadable/printable (PDF) Seedling Light Cart Comparison Chart to view and compare different cart models.
View this comparison chart for details regarding components and replacement parts for our Seedling Light Carts, including Part #, Trays, Shelves, Fixtures, Bulbs per Fixture, and which part # to order to replace a light fixture, bulb, or tray for your Seedling Light Cart. Note: Replacement light fixtures include bulbs.