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Cauliflower Varieties | Comparison Chart / Planting Program (PDF)
Snow Crown Bishop Amazing Denali Cheddar Graffiti Vitaverde Veronica Skywalker Part # Heat Cold Tolerance Tolerance Variety Days Color 230 Snow Crown 50 Good Good White 3832 Bishop 65 Very Good Good White 223 Amazing 68 Good Good White 3014 Denali 73 Good Excellent White 2593G J Skywalker 80 Average Very good White 2954 Cheddar 58 Very Good Good Orange 2255 Graffiti 80 Very Good Very good Purple 71 Very Good Very good Green Green Romanesco Transplanting/Harvesting Cool/Spring 3097 Vitaverde 2956G J Veronica and 2956 78 Poor Good Warm/Summer Transplant: Read More
Key Growing Information
Cauliflower | Key Growing Information
Written by our research team, this reference contains the essential information for growing CAULIFLOWER from seed. Read more for a successful harvest! Read More
Cauliflower Varieties | Planting Program & Blanching Tips
Follow Johnny's Cauliflower Planting Program for the widest possible harvest window, successively planting a dozen different cauliflower varieties in four colors in their respective seasonal slots. Includes simple tips for blanching cauliflower heads for the most deliciously tender, attractive, and marketable results. Read More
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