Most common Brassica pests and diseases can be prevented or controlled with basic measures. Learn the fundamentals of the primary Brassica pathogens from Johnny's Research team.
Learn why timing and temperature are critical to successful brassica production, with additional tips on brassica fertility and watering. Get key recommendations on how to grow the best heading, mini, and sprouting broccolis, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, Kalettes, and cabbages, and follow our Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Brussels Sprouts Planting Programs for optimum quality and yield, from the brassica research, breeding, and trialing team at Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Key Growing Information

Cauliflower | Key Growing Information

Essential information for growing cauliflower from seed, including spacing, soil and temperature requirements, blanching, harvesting, pests, and diseases.
Follow Johnny's Cauliflower Planting Program Comparison Chart for the widest possible harvest window, successively planting a dozen different cauliflower varieties in 4 colors in their respective seasonal slots. Includes simple tips for blanching cauliflower heads for deliciously tender, attractive, and marketable results.
Follow these guidelines from Johnny's for optimal success growing cauliflower. Instructions included for all stages of cauliflower production, from choosing a site to which varieties to select for early, midseason, and late season harvesting, from sowing and transplanting to cultivation, blanching, pest and disease control, and harvesting.
Downloadable, printable, full-color PDF version of our Cauliflower Planting Program.
Learn about our planting and harvesting programs, which varieties to plant and harvest and when, based on days to maturity and seasonal planting and harvesting slots. Planting programs help you ensure highest quality and yield across the widest possible window to your markets.