Learn when to harvest leeks for maximal quality and yield by choosing the best leek varieties for each seasonal harvest slot, from summer through fall and winter.
Full-color, downloadable/printable (PDF) version of our Leek Planting/Harvesting Program.
Key Growing Information

Leeks | Key Growing Information

Written by our research team, this reference contains Key Growing Information for leeks. Read more for a successful harvest!
Follow the instructions in this Tech Sheet when using the Manual Leek Planter for production of leeks with long, blanched shanks. Hilling of the crop becomes less necessary with this technique and the crop can be spaced more intensively, in 3 rows over 30"-wide (75cm) beds.
Follow the instructions in this Tech Sheet for growing live onion (Allium cepa) and/or leek (Allium porrum) plants. Remove your plants from their box and plant as soon as possible. The plants may appear dry, but this is normal, as they are dormant. If you cannot plant immediately, store in a cool, dry place....
Learn about our planting and harvesting programs, which varieties to plant and harvest and when, based on days to maturity and seasonal planting and harvesting slots. Planting programs help you ensure highest quality and yield across the widest possible window to your markets.
Guidelines, specifics, and variety recommendations on best storage practices — temperature, humidity, and optimal shelf life — for enjoyment of classic storage crops such as roots and tubers like rutabagas, beets, turnip, cabbage, winter squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and leeks, well into the winter months.
A crop-by-crop guide to the best types and varieties of vegetables for winter growing success, ranked by level of difficulty in winter production, from the research team at Johnny's Selected Seeds.