We explain the difference between short, intermediate, and long day onions. Use our map to check your latitude and choose the best onion type for your location.
A full-color, downloadable, printable (PDF) version of our Full-Size Onion Comparison Chart.
Guidelines, specifics, and variety recommendations on best storage practices — temperature, humidity, and optimal shelf life — for enjoyment of classic storage crops such as roots and tubers like rutabagas, beets, turnip, cabbage, winter squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and leeks, well into the winter months.
A crop-by-crop guide to the best types and varieties of vegetables for winter growing success, ranked by level of difficulty in winter production, from the research team at Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Here are the steps that we used to overwinter onions from seed on our research farm. We include variety recommendations and potential diseases and problems.