Follow these recommendations for successful selection, sowing, and cultural production of baby-leaf leafy crops to be harvested as greens or salad mix components. Techniques are specific to baby leaf production for harvest at this maturity stage. This tech sheet outlines basic small-scale field production methods and primary aspects of producing a wide range of leafy salad greens.
Learn about our planting and harvesting programs, which varieties to plant and harvest and when, based on days to maturity and seasonal planting and harvesting slots. Planting programs help you ensure highest quality and yield across the widest possible window to your markets.
Key Growing Information

Spinach | Key Growing Information

Written by our research team, this reference contains the essential information for growing spinach from seed. Read more for a successful harvest!
Follow these recommendations for successful direct-seeding of spinach with your Jang-JP seeder and the Spinach Seed Roller Pack, which includes the 2 rollers we most commonly use on our Research Farm for production of baby leaf, teen, and bunching size spinach.
Follow Johnny's Spinach Succession Planting Program, compiled from data collected by our Research & Trialing Teams and designed to illustrate which spinach varieties to plant, grow, and harvest in sequence, allowing you to extend your spinach harvest across the seasons.
A downloadable, print-friendly version of our Spinach Varieties Comparison and Planting Program. Includes information on ideal sowing/harvesting seasons, days to maturity, color, growth, disease resistances, including powdery mildew races, and bolting rate.
Learning resources for our webinar on Baby Leaf Greens: 12 Picks for Market Growers. Johnny's baby-leaf greens product manager & trialing technician weigh in on their 12 favorite varieties from our extensive line of baby leaf greens.
A crop-by-crop guide to the best types and varieties of vegetables for winter growing success, ranked by level of difficulty in winter production, from the research team at Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Join former Trial Technician Steve Rodrigue in a review of a recent season extension trial, conducted here at Johnny's Research Farm in Central Maine. This review focuses on a number of chicory and spinach varieties available from Johnny's Selected Seeds.
This easy-to-use, ergonomic, and adjustable device allows you to quickly and efficiently harvest 30"-wide beds of lettuces, greens, mescluns, herbs, spinach, and other baby leaf crops. Clean, precise cutting, directly into bags or crates.
Here is the full presentation of our Baby Leaf Greens: 12 Picks for Market Growers webinar, followed by a Q&A session. The full video runs approximately 1 hour.