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Spinach Varieties | Comparison Chart / Planting Program (PDF)
A downloadable, print-friendly version of our Spinach Varieties Comparison and Planting Program. Includes information on ideal sowing/harvesting seasons, days to maturity, color, growth, disease resistances, including powdery mildew races, and bolting rate. Read More
Spinach Varieties | Planting Program
Johnny's Spinach Planting Program is designed to illustrate which spinach varieties to plant, grow, and harvest in sequence, allowing you to extend your spinach harvest across the seasons. Slow-growing spinach varieties mature best under warm conditions, whereas faster-growing varieties mature best under cooler conditions. Establish your spinach production plan by evaluating the sowing and harvesting slots indicated in these charts, listing favorable planting and sowing periods; as well as key distinguishing features: leaf shape (round, oval, arrowhead), texture (smooth, semi-savoyed, savoyed), days to maturity, leaf color, growth rate, tendency to bolt, and disease resistances, including strains of downy mildew and white rust. Read More
Key Growing Information
Spinach | Key Growing Information
Written by our research team, this reference contains the essential information for growing SPINACH from seed. Read more for a successful harvest! Read More
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