Growing heirloom tomatoes can be tricky. Use these ten tips from Johnny's research team to help you make growing heirloom tomatoes a success.
Here are a couple novel recipes from classically trained, NY Times Bestseller chef Frank Giglio using two of our newer Johnny's-bred varieties.
Guidelines for choosing the right tomato varieties to suit your particular growing needs and unique preferences, defining 3 key differentiating features, plus our recommended best varieties. 3 key questions: 1) Which vegetative growth habit best suits your needs? Indeterminate (tall and viney) OR determinate (bushy). 2) Where will you grow your tomatoes? Outdoors OR indoors/in a protected setting. 3) Which fruit characteristics are of greatest importance to you? Flavor, color, texture, yield...
An overview of Common Tomato Pests, Diseases & Physiological Disorders to help tomato growers avoid problems — or should they arise, to be better prepared to appropriately address them — in time. We provide a brief summary of the primary living (biotic) pathogens as well as nonliving (abiotic, or physiological) disorders that are common and/or pose the greatest threat, with additional resources for further reading and assistance.
Learn how French Heritage Tomatoes marry old-world heirloom tomato flavor and texture with new-world disease resistance, vigor, and yield. Here is what distinguishes these new 'hy-loom' varieties, including 'Cauralina', 'Marmande', 'Marbonne', 'Margold', 'Marnero', and 'Kakao'.
Written by our research team, this reference contains the essential information for growing grafted tomato plants. Read more for a successful harvest!
Written by our research team, this reference contains the essential information for growing greenhouse tomatoes. Read more for a successful harvest!
A colorful and flavorful mixture of cherry tomato varieties is a popular item at farmers markets, farm stands, and supermarkets. Here are some ideas to consider when making your cherry tomato plans!
Follow the recommendations in this Tech Sheet for best results with germination of 'Maxifort,’ an interspecific tomato cross — the product of traditional plant breeding crosses between a domesticated tomato parent and a wild tomato parent. To improve germination rate and uniformity, we recommend careful consideration of the measures we have outlined here.
From Johnny's Selected Seeds' classical plant breeding program, we're pleased to offer 3 recently resurrected open-pollinated varieties to you. Introduced by tomato plant breeder Emily Rose Haga, each of these three tomato cultivars was selected because of its unique history, outstanding quality, and adaptability to short seasons or low-input environments. Here's a rundown of the valuable gems we've dusted off and polished up to offer you: 'San Marzano II' (organic, open-pollinated heirloom); 'Blue Beech' (organic, open-pollinated heirloom); and 'Wisconsin 55' (organic, open-pollinated heritage variety).
We encourage you to try these resurrected open-pollinated, heirloom and heritage tomatoes and let us know what you discover. We appreciate hearing from you, so we developed this downloadable, printable Survey Form for Our Open-Pollinated Tomato Project, so growers of these 3 varieties can enter observations and send us your feedback — or simply retain for your own records.
Johnny's Hosts 2015 Tomato Growers' Roundtable, a consortium of tomato growers, researchers, breeders, and educators meet for the free exchange of information and ideas in Albion, Maine.