Follow these simple instructions for using Johnny's Cucumber Beetle Lure for enhanced protection from this common pest of cucurbits (e.g., squashes, cucumbers, melons, pumpkins). See instructions for units needed per area to be monitored, replacement requirements, and efficacy time.
Johnny's-Bred 'Winter Blush' and 'Sweet Jade' are the fruits of a 25+-year classical plant-breeding journey to create new and improved kabocha squash. Here are the steps in the process.
Use this full-color, printable Winter Squash Variety Comparison Chart to compare types, varieties, days to maturity, average weight ranges, storage potential, vine length, and disease resistance.
Follow these Technical Production Guidelines from Johnny's Selected Seeds for optimal success with growing winter squash. Includes instructions for all stages of winter squash production, from choosing which types/varieties to grow, site selection, sowing, and transplanting, to use of row covers and succession-planting to achieve optimal quality and yield. Preventive and control measures for common pests and diseases of winter squash are additionally covered, as well as harvesting and storage.