Flowers Grasses, Ornamental
Grasses, Ornamental
Grasses, Ornamental
Ornamental grasses are popular for landscape plantings and as garden accents, as well as for producing essential components for making unique bouquets and floral designs.
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Northern Sea Oats Grasses, Ornamental
Sturdy, glittering perennial grass for arrangements and landscapes.
Now available organic! Sturdy, glittering perennial grass.
160 - 365 Days
Bromus Grass Grasses, Ornamental
Easy cut-flower annual to grow and harvest.
New! Easy cut-flower annual to grow and harvest.
75 - 85 Days
Cut-flower filler adds sparkle to bouquets with airy flower plumes.
Airy cut-flower filler.
84 - 112 Days
Elegant fresh or dried flower with masses of white, nodding plumes.
Elegant fresh or dried flower.
100 - 120 Days
Easy-to-grow grass with a unique look, an easy textural element.
Easy-to-grow grass with a unique look.
75 - 80 Days
Excellent cut for its vibrant color and across-the-board uniformity.
Excellent cut flower.
70 - 80 Days
Fresh-looking, easy-to-grow grass adds textural element to bouquets.
Easy-to-grow grass with a fresh look.
60 - 75 Days
Sturdy purple-gray plumes for fresh and dried arrangements.
Sturdy, purple-gray plumes.
60 - 70 Days
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Purple Majesty Grasses, Ornamental
Striking ornamental milllet adds architecture and color to bouquets.
Striking, ornamental millet.
120 Days
Sturdy bronze-colored plumes give tapestry-like effect to arrangements.
Sturdy, bronze-colored plumes.
60 - 70 Days
Elegant ornamental grass for containers or cut-flower bouquets.
Out of Stock
Elegant ornamental grass.
75 - 85 Days
Out of Stock
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