Winter Squash: Peak Flavor Chart

Winter Squash Curing & Storage Chart

How Long to Cure & Store Different Types of Winter Squash for Peak Flavor & Eating Quality
Sweet Dumplings are best within the first 12 weeks after harvest
Dainty, teacup-shaped 'Sweet Dumplings' and other Delicata types are best within the first 10–12 weeks post harvest.
For those eager to enjoy the first of the fall squash harvest, a simple rule of thumb is to consume the smallest squashes first.

More Tips on Timing

Different types and varieties of winter squash vary as to how long they take to cure after harvesting, how long before they achieve peak eating quality, and how long before that quality declines.

Whether you grow winter squash for your own consumption or to sell at markets, at the farmstand, or to place in your CSA boxes, you will want to know when your squash and edible pumpkins are at their best.

The chart below is designed to serve as a general guide to the storage potential of different types of winter squash.

Chart for Different Types of Winter Squash
TYPE 1 Mo 2 Mo 3 Mo 4 Mo 5 Mo 6 Mo  
DELICATA     2.5        
SWEET DUMPLING            
Some red-skinned HUBBARDS, SPECIALTY PUMPKINS & 'mini' KABOCHA: 'Red Kuri'; 'Red October'; 'Shokichi Green'; 'Shokichi Shiro'; 'Sunshine'            
Gray & Green KABOCHA: 'Cha Cha'; 'Black Forest'            
Longest-storing KABOCHA: 'Winter Sweet'   1.5          
key    KEY Curing Period Optimal Eating Period
Timing Tips by Type • When to Eat Which

Many winter squash fruits appear to be mature before they are actually ready to harvest, and some require time in storage after harvest for best eating quality. For the best-quality squash, wait to harvest all types until they are mature — at least 50–55 days after the fruit has set — and cure before storing and eating.

As noted above, a good rule of thumb is to consume small-fruited types first, but read on for additional type-specific tips.

Delicata, Dumpling & Acorn

The fruits of these types will have a dark-orange "ground spot" when mature. Fruits can be consumed at harvest, and eating quality is best within 2–3 months of harvest.

Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash, too, can be consumed right away after harvest, and will store about 3 months.

Some Red-skinned Hubbards, Specialty Pumpkins & 'mini' Kabocha

Varieties such as 'Sunshine' and 'Red Kuri' and Shokichi types can be consumed at harvest, and will store 2–3 months, 4 max. Dry, corky stems are a good indication of fruit maturity.

Buttercup & Larger, Green or Gray Kabocha

Fruits are best after 1–1½ months of storage, but will also store 4–6 months. Dry, corky stems area good indication of fruit maturity.

Hubbard & Butternut

Fruits are best after 1–2 months of storage, and will keep 4–6 months. (Because of its smaller size, 'Butterscotch PMR' is an exception; it can be consumed at harvest, and is best within 3 months of harvest.)