This luxe gown fashioned of florals from Johnny's cut-flower trial grounds is designed by our flower product manager, Hillary Alger, and modeled by our trial manager, Joy Longfellow, in a full embrace of the spirit of American Flowers Week.
American Flowers Week promotes domestic flowers and foliage in the marketplace, inspiring professional and consumers alike. When flowers are seen as fashion, they ignite the imagination and stimulate new awareness of domestic floral agriculture and the art of floral design. Here's a glimpse into the process by which Johnny's flower team partnered with floral designer Rayne Grace Hoke on this interpretation of the late-summer gown — perfect couture for the flower harvest goddess.
See our checklist of must-have characteristics for an easy cut-flower garden. Here are three of the easiest, most reliable and productive cut flowers to get you started.
How long should cut flowers last in the vase? Read about the 5 key factors that influence vase life, so you understand how make your cut flower arrangements last longer, from the Flower Research & Trialing team at Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Learn about 3 popular options for creating a regional wholesale flower hub: • Legal Cooperative • Multi-Owner LLC • For-Profit Wholesale Business. There are many variations on these three themes, but here is what several members who have forged locally-grown marketing hubs have to say about the basic tenets and appeal of each model.
Here are Lisa Ziegler's 5 recommended "Cool Flowers" — cold-tolerant hardy annuals for overwintering and shoulder-season growing for the earliest possible blooms in spring.
Slow Flowers maven Debra Prinzing forecasts 5 industry trends on emergent floriculture themes and topics. From subtle to seismic, color to climate, here's what's on the hive mind of thought-leaders in floral design, flower farming, and related creative professions.
Floral Stem Cutter - Instruction Sheet. Instructions for mounting, usage and maintenance of your floral stem cutter tool.
The data in this comparison chart pertain to Container & Cut-Flower crops: Days to Germination, Weeks to Transplant, Days to Harvest, and life cycle, ie, Annual/ Perennial/Hardiness Zone, from the Flower Research & Trialing Team at Johnny's Selected Seeds.
In commercial cut-flower production and the backyard cutting garden, fillers and foliage form the backbone of cut-flower arrangements. We asked flower farmers from three different regions for recommendations.
What are the best practices and systems for harvesting and post-harvest handling of flowers, herbs, and foliages before they leave the field and workshop, to safeguard that quality? This survey of 5 specialty cut-flower growers distills the collective and cumulative wisdom of three-quarters of a century of farming and selling flowers, from the Slow Flowers community.
Cut Flower Kit – Growing Guide for Market Growers. Growing beautiful blooms is a sure way to attract new customers and grow your business. In this kit, we featured proven varieties of cosmos, sunflowers, and zinnias. Varieties include: A) Sunflowers, 1000 seed ea. of Sunbright (F1), Sunrich Orange (F1), ProCut Orange (F1). B) Cosmos: 1/2 oz seeds of Versailles Mix. C) Zinnia: 1 oz seeds of Giant Dahlia Flowered Mix. (Please note: Varieties subject to change.) Also included: The Basics of Cut Flower Growing for Profit; Growing Instructions; Sample Planting Guide.