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5 Factors That Determine Vase Life of Cut Flowers
How long should cut flowers last in the vase? Read about the 5 key factors that influence vase life, so you understand how make your cut flower arrangements last longer, from the Flower Research & Trialing team at Johnny's Selected Seeds. Read More
3 Easy, Reliable, Productive Cut Flowers: Sunflowers, Zinnias & Rudbeckia
See our checklist of must-have characteristics for an easy cut-flower garden. Here are three of the easiest, most reliable and productive cut flowers to get you started. Read More
Flower Power for Roadside Markets
Learn to use flowers to attract customers to your roadside farmer's market with tips from Johnny's Selected Seeds. Read More
Growing Flowers in Hoophouses & High Tunnels: Some Cool-Weather & Hot-Weather Options
Learn about some options for growing flowers for cutting in a hoophouse or high tunnel, in cool and warm seasons. Read More
How Day Length Affects Cut-Flower Production
Learn how day length and darkness affect the growth and blooming of cut flowers. Learn how day extension (DE) and night interruption (NI) lighting can be used to trigger flowering in greenhouse crops, from the flower experts at Johnny's Selected Seeds. Read More
Video: Mason Jar Bouquet Tutorial
In a favorite weekly ritual here at Johnny's Research Farm, Flower Product Manager Hillary Alger demonstrates how quickly and easily an informal yet professional-appearing Mason Jar Bouquet can be arranged from the seasonal materials you have at hand. Read More
Succession-Planting Interval Chart for Flowers
Use this chart of recommended standard timing intervals for succession planting Johnny's Flower Crops. Lists seeding intervals and tips for Johnny's Flower Crops that are most amenable to succession planting. Read More
Tips for Starting a U-Pick Flower Operation
A short list of common-sense strategies for creating a friendly u-pick flower farm, from Johnny's Selected Seeds. Read More
Year-Round Flower Production Strategy
Grow flower customers for your market in all four seasons, with expert flower-production information, seeds, and service from Johnny's Selected Seeds. Read More
Cut-Flower Kit | Guide for Market Growers (PDF)
Cut Flower Kit – Growing Guide for Market Growers. Growing beautiful blooms is a sure way to attract new customers and grow your business. In this kit, we featured proven varieties of cosmos, sunflowers, and zinnias. Varieties include: A) Sunflowers, 1000 seed ea. of Sunbright (F1), Sunrich Orange (F1), ProCut Orange (F1). B) Cosmos: 1/2 oz seeds of Versailles Mix. C) Zinnia: 1 oz seeds of Giant Dahlia Flowered Mix. (Please note: Varieties subject to change.) Also included: The Basics of Cut Flower Growing for Profit; Growing Instructions; Sample Planting Guide. Read More
Comparison Chart
Flower Culture by Crop | Comparison Chart | Days to Germination, Weeks to Transplant, Days to Harvest (PDF)
The data in this comparison chart pertain to Container & Cut-Flower crops: Days to Germination, Weeks to Transplant, Days to Harvest, and life cycle, ie, Annual/ Perennial/Hardiness Zone, from the Flower Research & Trialing Team at Johnny's Selected Seeds. Read More
Flower Farmers' Favorite Fillers & Foliage | Recommendations from 3 Farmer-Florists
In commercial cut-flower production and the backyard cutting garden, fillers and foliage form the backbone of cut-flower arrangements. We asked flower farmers from three different regions for recommendations. Read More
Slow Flowers | Celebrating Fifth-Season Regional Design Elements
A visual celebration of the beautiful, abundant, and unexpected floral design elements that seem to explode during that wonderful transitional time between summer and fall. Enjoy over two dozen examples of regional floral designs using flowers, foliages, herbs, seeds, pods, edibles and vines from across the creative, wide-ranging Slow Flowers Community. Read More
Video: Floating Row Cover | Baby "Cool Flower" Protection from Whipping Winter Winds
Here's a clip of the whipping winter winds faced most winters at The Gardener's Workshop, Lisa Mason Ziegler's Zone 7 flower garden. Lisa farms intensively and organically on about 1½ cultivated acres of open field, producing 10,000-15,000 stems a week in season (mid-April to mid-November). She is also an educator, and the author of 'Cool Flowers: How to Grow and Enjoy Long-Blooming Hardy Annual Flowers Using Cool Weather Techniques.' Read More
Slow Flowers Floral Forecast | A Summary of Industry Insights & Trends
A summary of this year's Floral Forecast, with Insights & Industry Trends from Debra Prinzing, Johnny's partner and founder of the Slow Flowers movement. Read More
Slow Flowers Palette & Petal Crushes | Evolving Colors & Shape-Shifts in Floral Industry Trends
A deep-summer dive into trending colors and shapes in the flower-farming and floral-design industry, with a swirl of fresh imagery from Slow Flowers members and Johnny’s photography and flower-trialing team. Read More
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