Hillary Alger, Flower Product Manager at Johnny's, presents a tutorial for designing a simple, professional-quality bouquet with focal, spike, and filler flowers.
Here's a clip of the whipping winter winds faced most winters at The Gardener's Workshop, Lisa Mason Ziegler's Zone 7 flower garden, where she farms intensively and organically on about 1½ cultivated acres of open field, producing 10,000-15,000 stems a week in season (mid-April to mid-November).
Better-choice mechanics and techniques for foam-free floristry with Tobey Nelson, with ecofriendly tips and advice for flower farmers, shop and event florists.
Bring professional-quality blooms from field to market with the Procona System from Johnny's. Tools & Supplies Product Manager Jen Goff provides a quick tutorial on this durable, economical, versatile, and recyclable system.
Step into Johnny's overwinter flowers tunnel to learn about trellising, supports, ground cover, and spacing flower crops recommended for overwintering.
Depending on your flower farm production system and markets, some flower crops will make more economic sense for you than others. Here are some tips.
Join Flower Trial Technician Joy Longfellow for a review of the irrigation set-up for Johnny's unheated overwinter flower trial tunnels.
Join Joy Longfellow for a recap of Johnny's Overwinter Flower Trials, a summary of early, mid, and later-spring-harvested flower crops for the unheated overwinter tunnel.
Here is the full presentation of our webinar on the topic of Producer Cooperatives for Small-Scale Farmers. The full video runs approximately 1½ hour.
Join hosts Hillary Alger and Debra Prinzing along with four professional Southern flower-farmer guest panelists for an in-depth discussion about growing flowers in the southern US.