Video: Calendula 'Pacific Apricot Beauty' | from Johnny's Selected Seeds

Johnny's Flower Product Manager, Hillary Alger, shares what we love about 'Pacific Apricot Beauty' Calendula

We're here in the flower trials at Johnny's Selected Seeds, looking at Calendula, and we wanted to show you this new-to-Johnny's variety, 'Pacific Apricot Beauty'.

We like this variety for:

  • its tall uniform plants;
  • the double flowers; and
  • this really special pastel, melon-creamsicle color.

So these plants have been flowering for a couple weeks now.

Calendula can be a nice cut-flower crop or garden plant because:

  • it's relatively easy to grow;
  • it can be direct-seeded or transplanted;
  • it has a relatively short cycle from seeding to flowering, about 2 months from planting a seed to harvesting a first flower;
  • and the plants can tolerate a light frost.
  • Plus, seeds can be sown and plants can be transplanted several times throughout the growing season.

I also wanted to show this color comparison:

  • So here we have 'Pacific Apricot Beauty', and it's this really pale creamsicle color.
  • Next to it is 'Ivory Princess', and that's more of a pale lemony-ivory.
  • And then, 'Orange Flash' here, which also has some peach tones, but it's a little bit darker and has more red.

So this 'Pacific Apricot Beauty' makes a really nice complement to these two others.

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