Installation instructions and recommendations for the CoolBot. This device allows you to transform an insulated room into a walk-in cooler to keep your fresh produce at peak quality. The CoolBot allows for thermostatically-controlled cool-down to 35°F/1.66°C.
Watch these instructions for installing your wi-fi-enabled CoolBot PRO; learn how to remotely monitor and adjust your walk-in cooler conditions to keep your produce at peak quality.
Watch a quick demo of the Sauce Master II, a device that allows you quickly and easily process your fresh garden fruits and vegetables. No precooking required for tomatoes, greens, berries, squash, and more for canning, freezing, fermentation, or fresh-eating, soups, sauces, concentrates, and coulis. Automatically separates juice and pulp from the seeds and skins. With a simple design that's easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean.
Within a few days of harvest place these caps overtop frisée, escarole, and other chicory heads to blanch their hearts. Widely practiced in Europe, blanching chicories with caps keeps the sunlight off the plants, resulting a beautiful, yellow-white center that is less bitter, more tender to the tooth and sweet.
Learn how the CoolBot Pro works with 4-season market-gardener Jean–Martin Fortier. JM gives us a tutorial on using the CoolBot Pro to set, monitor, and adjust your cool-room temperatures using your mobile device. <<Fermier, éducateur et auteur du livre "Le jardinier-maraîcher" Jean–Martin Fortier nous donne un tutoriel sur l'utilisation du CoolBot Pro.>>
Bring professional-quality blooms from field to market with the Procona System from Johnny's. Tools & Supplies Product Manager Jen Goff provides a quick tutorial on this durable, economical, versatile, and recyclable system.
This easy-to-use, ergonomic, and adjustable device allows you to quickly and efficiently harvest 30"-wide beds of lettuces, greens, mescluns, herbs, spinach, and other baby leaf crops. Clean, precise cutting, directly into bags or crates.
Flexible, strong, stackable, light, and attractive, Gorilla Tubs® — formerly known as TubTrugs® — are useful for harvesting, cleaning, storage, and a wide array of additional gardening applications. Learn more about how we use these versatile tubs on our Research Farm.
An overview of Johnny's harvest knives, machetes, pocket knives, shears, sheaths, and sharpening implements.
Learn about growing different types of paste, plum, Roma, and sauce tomatoes for sauce-making with Niki Jabbour, 4-season Canadian gardener, author, and educator.
Join Flower Trial Tech Joy Longfellow for a tutorial on drying flowers, including tips and recommendations for a few of her favorites, from tried-and-true workhorse crops and varieties for drying to flower crops with novel colors, textures, and forms.