Most basil types and varieties can perform well in container production and/or hydroponic systems, but which ones will perform best for you? With a few facts in hand, you'll be prepared to match your system to the best varieties. Here's help getting your container and/or hydroponic basil production off to a successful start.
An overview with comparison chart of 10 different hydroponic grow media types, plus recommendations for flushing, sterilization, and related maintenance.
This article describes the basic steps of seed-starting in hydroponic systems and introduces some of the primary environmental variables that affect plant health and productivity in hydroponic systems.
An introductory guide to hydroponics production, including basics on types of hydroponic systems; how hydroponics differs from growing in soil; scheduling what to plant hydroponically and when; specialty hydroponic techniques; and how to choose varieties for hydroponic production, from Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Learn best practices for managing pests & diseases in controlled agriculture, including hydroponics & greenhouse settings. From Johnny's Selected Seeds.