Johnny's Tools Product Manager Jen Goff demonstrates how to quickly and efficiently seed your Paperchain Pots/Trays.
A demonstration on the Paperpot Transplanter: how the plow opens the furrow, the sweeps are set for correct angle and depth, the honeycomb pots are fed down the chute, then tamped down into their new beds by the press wheels.
Johnny's Tools & Supplies Trialing Technician Jen Goff offers a quick demo of the Plug Popper, a device that allows you to save time while transplanting by loosening all the plugs in an entire flat in seconds. We can't imagine how we'd ever manage without one!
Learn how to use the Precision Vacuum Seeder with Jen Goff, Johnny's Tools & Supplies Product Manager. Watch this 4-minute video to learn all you need to know to get started with this labor and money-saving tool.
While we actively seek a replacement design for the Hatfield Transplanter, an item we carried for many years in the past, take a look at this video demonstrating the ergonomic and efficiency gain possible a standing transplanter design.
Join 4-season grower Niki Jabbour for a tutorial on hardening off, with simple day-by-day steps for hardening off tender seedlings before transplanting to your outdoor garden.
Get an early start to your growing season with Johnny's soil-block makers. You can easily make your own seed-starting blocks with our soil-block-making tools and a bag of germination soil mix. Soil-blocked seedlings reestablish themselves more quickly, with less transplant shock. Soil blocks also eliminate the expense, waste, and storage issues of plastic pots, and their negative impact on the environment.
Watch a summary on the key advantages of using pelleted seeds: decrease seed waste and time spent thinning, easier to see, handle, and less likely to jam in mechanical seeders.
Join 4-season Nova Scotia grower Niki Jabbour for a quick tutorial on direct-seeding basics for the garden. Learn the fundamentals of direct-sowing success.
Join 4-season Nova Scotia gardener Niki Jabbour for a quick tutorial on growing peppers in containers. Here are her 7 Steps to Container Pepper Success...
Join 4-season Nova Scotia gardening pro Niki Jabbour for a quick tutorial on growing tomatoes in containers. Here are Niki's 5 Tips for Container Tomato Success...
Join 4-season grower Niki Jabbour for a tutorial on winter sowing, and see how easy it is to jumpstart your spring garden with low-cost, milk-jug mini greenhouses.