Join former Trial Technician Steve Rodrigue in a review of a recent season extension trial, conducted here at Johnny's Research Farm in Central Maine. This review focuses on a number of chicory and spinach varieties available from Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Join Flower Trial Technician Joy Longfellow for a review of the irrigation set-up for Johnny's unheated overwinter flower trial tunnels.
Join our 4-season-grower friend to the North, Niki Jabbour, for some tips on planning and planting the fall vegetable garden.
Watch our video to learn how to extend the growing season for cold-hardy crops with a very late-season harvest, or overwinter them for earliest possible spring harvest. See how Quick Hoops benders can allow you to accomplish this by creating tunnel hoops out of galvanized electrical conduit.
Use these spun polypropylene covers to protect crops from cold and pests. Available in 6 thicknesses and dozens of sizes.
A hoophouse is a passive crop-protective structure that expands a grower's options considerably. Here are the basics, from Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Greenhouse vining-crop expert, Andrew Mefferd leads you on a virtual tour of our greenhouse trials. Come have a look at what we've got growing at our research farm!
Here is the full, 72-minute presentation of our webinar on Growing Under Cover with four-season Canadian gardener, author, and educator Niki Jabbour. The presentation is followed by a Q&A session.
Award-winning gardening author and educator Niki Jabbour walks us step-by-step through how to build an inexpensive cold frame in this tutorial from Johnny's.
Award-winning gardening author and educator Niki Jabbour covers the basics and provides tips and crop recommendations for the fall and winter cold frame.
Here is the full, 90-minute presentation of our webinar on Cover Cropping for Field & Garden with Collin Thompson, Johnny's Farm Ops Manager, including the Q&A session.
Join 4-season grower Niki Jabbour for a tutorial on winter sowing, and see how easy it is to jumpstart your spring garden with low-cost, milk-jug mini greenhouses.